Saturday, August 8, 2015

917C - 1 - Unexpected Visitor

The day started just like any other before it.
I opened my eyes, seeing the same ceiling I always do.
When I originally moved into Collingwood Heights, I was given a selection of three rooms, all of which had previously been occupied. I have always enjoyed the feeling of being higher up in a building, rather than close to the ground like I was so used to. I let my personal desires for an apartment get the best of me, and ended up choosing the highest living space they offered me, Room 917C.
I am on the 12th floor. Being up this high lets me get a better view on everything around the city. Looking off my balcony is a frequent past time of mine. I can see all the way to the edge of the city if I try hard enough. Luckily, I don't have to rely on my own eyes for this. I was given a telescope for my 18th birthday. At first I didn't much care for it, but over the past 3 years of owning it I have learned to love it.
My room isn't too fancy, but I don't dislike it at all. I have a couple bookshelves in one corner, mostly coding manuals and fantasy stories, and a desk beside the sliding glass doors which lead out to the balcony. The telescope is placed right in front of the glass doors. There is a short hallway outside my bedroom door that leads to a small bathroom and opens up into a main living room that is linked to a kitchen.
I rolled over in my bed so that my body faced the digital clock on my bed-side table. 7:30 AM.
Personally, I felt like going back to sleep, so I did.

I woke up again at 9:30 AM. Good enough.
I got out of bed, still holding my blanket around myself like some sort of cloak. I had the air conditioner running all night, so my room was rather cold. I dragged my feet across the chilled wooden floor as I slowly moved towards my bedroom door. As I entered the hallway, I made an immediate right, causing me to end up in the bathroom where I began my typical morning routine. I don't put much effort into it, honestly. Taking a shower and brushing my teeth is really all I need to do. I have no desire to present myself in any other way. Even if I did take the time to make myself look nice, it would feel rather pointless. I don't frequently leave my apartment building.

I returned to my bedroom and sat down at my desk. I looked into the blank CRT monitor and pressed the power button. As the start up splash screens appeared, they seemed much more distorted and blurred than I remembered them. I raised my hand up to adjust my glasses, and realized I was not wearing them.
I stood up from my chair, still wearing my blanket, and walked over to my bed-side table. I opened the small rectangular case lying on top of it, and took out my glasses. Once I had them on, everything became clear again.
By time I returned to my computer, it had already opened to the home screen. I quickly navigated my way through the user interface and opened up my internet browser. I found myself tapping on the desk in impatience. The apartment has pretty lousy connection.
My once luxurious computer system has left me somewhat spoiled. A couple years ago I would communicate frequently through the internet with my extensive list of comrades. Over time, I developed a strong database of knowledge for different electronics and computer programming. I got to the point where it almost became a second language, one that I could use to manipulate the universe of electronics. Since then, I have lost all of my high end equipment. It wasn't something I wanted to bring along with me, not only because of the rather extensive amount of it all, but it was also worn out over time. I plan to use my time in this city as an opportunity to re-build what I had, and simultaneously make it even better than it was before.
After a bit of time, the homepage loaded. I was presented with a local news page, a pleasant surprise. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to look at, but it was nice to see that someone was keeping up with the city's happenings. The headlines seemed incredibly random, but I suppose they were going for a variety of information. Some of the highlights included a potential threat towards the local convenience store and a injured girl found near the lake. I feel like whoever had written the articles was really trying to find something interesting to talk about, but really had no solid material. As I continued scrolling through the page, I heard a knock at my front door.

I don't normally get visitors. I don't particularly look forward to them either. I hesitantly reached for the door handle and twisted it upward until it could go no further. I took a deep breath, and opened the door all the way.
Before me stood a man I had never seen before.
My immediate thought was that he was some type of salesman, with his unprofessional clothing, unshaven face, and strange, blonde, half-ponytail. His words proved otherwise, however. He did not want to sell me anything. Instead, he looked at me with a cheeky smile, "Hello there young lady!"
I stared at him blankly, saying nothing.
"You wouldn't happen to be new around here, would you?"
Again, nothing. I do not know this person.
"Hmm... Not the talkative type, are you?" He paused for a moment and straightened himself, "Well! I would like to offer a proposal."
Regardless of my curiosity, I refrained from speaking and held the emotionless stare.
"May I come in?" He said as he took a single step in my direction.
In a quick act of confusion, I reached for the door. As my hand touched the handle, he quickly took a step back.
"Wait wait! I'm sorry! Hear me out, please."
I stopped moving.
"My name is Simon. I need somewhere to stay... I-Its a long story, but I promise it is all true. I will even pay rent in return."
I showed no interest in anything he said. I looked directly into his eyes, and closed the door.

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